Pre-Screening Guidelines

To make the most of your visit, please bring along any relevant past medical reports and scans.
Don’t forget to check with the clinic if fasting or specific preparation is needed.

Follow these steps below to prepare yourself for the health screening. 

1. Book Your Appointment Online
Log on to the website of the medical centre of your choice and book your appointment. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointments. Alternatively, please drop us an email or call us. We look forward to putting you on the path of healthy living.

2. Online Pre-registration
For parents visiting our flagship medical centre at Amara only, we highly recommend pre-registering online prior to your appointment.  This will ensure a seamless process and reduce waiting times. You will receive a link to pre-register once you have booked an appointment online with MHC Medical Centre (Amara).

3. Particulars
Ensure that your details such as your NRIC/Identification Number, address, mobile number are correct before the medical appointment.

4. Fasting is not required
All packages have been clinically designed to eliminate the need for fasting before your screening. However, if there are any optional scans for liver, gallbladder or abdomen; fasting for 8 hours prior to the scan is still required.

5. Medication
Are you on diabetics medication? Refrain from taking your medication unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

6. Documents
Share with us your past medical documents and health records so we can better interpret your health screening results.

You are now prepared for your health screening. We look forward to serving you!