Who We Are

Since 1994, We’ve been delivering high quality, cost effective and transparent corporate healthcare solutions.

We’re a health technology company, but our business is about people.

Founded in 1994,
MHC Asia Group is Singapore’s leading Medical Benefits Administrator and Clinic Network Provider since 1994. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective and transparent corporate healthcare solutions for large corporations, major insurers and even small business enterprises. With over 1,500 clinics in Singapore, employees can have easy access to cashless island-wide medical care.
Powered by a robust web-based platform, MHC’s proprietary software processes more than 1.5 million outpatient claims annually, effectively reducing HRs’ need for claims administration, boosting productivity and empowering them with insights of their company’s medical consumption. MHC simplifes healthcare by connecting stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain through the use of effective technology and continuous innovation, guided by insights gleaned from Big Data analytics. Our managed healthcare programme is both affordable and accessible for your workforce through MHC’s robust and unified platform.
Let us partner with you today, to improve organisational health and employee happiness through a range of benefits and wellness programs focusing on preventive care.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

To make a difference in people’s lives and to empower individuals to take ownership of their health.


We want to simplify healthcare and connect the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain with effective use of information technology and big data analytics — increasing efficiency, ensuring transparency, lowering costs and boosting productivity
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