MHC Mental Wellness Programme

Your Trusted Partner in Corporate Healthcare

We offer real-time solutions and guide corporates like you in taking ownership of your organisation’s mental wellness. Our aim is to provide a holistic healthcare solution to employees, and we believe that mental health is one of the most important components in building a healthy workplace.

Our Mental Wellness Services

  • Seminars and Webinars for your employees
    • Seminar/ webinar support on Mental Wellness topics for your employees can be arranged.
    • Our wellness team will be able to curate the appropriate wellness support that you require.
  • Telehealth for Mental Wellness
    • Mental Wellness Self-Assessment
      • Utilising Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21) to assess individual’s mental health risk factors
    • Mental Health Concierge
      • Let our mental wellness concierge triage your needs. We have online or face to face consultation with counsellors/ psychologists/ psychiatrists available.
      • Assist individuals in navigating and accessing mental health resources and support
    • Find out more details of our mental wellness telehealth for individuals here.

Incorporating these services into your organisation’s well-being strategy can lead to a more productive, engaged, and mentally healthy workforce.

Boost your employee’s well-being with MHC’s mental wellness programme today.

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