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MHC Asia Group Corporate HQ
        #02-13, 1 Commonwealth Lane
        One Commonwealth
        Singapore 149544

Tel: (65) 6774 5005

Fax: (65) 6774 5115

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    MHC Schemes & Panel Clinics

    We are able to customise different tiered benefits. Schemes that are possible include cap per visit, annual cap, annual combined with per visit cap, copayment etc.

    Annual cap can be decided by your company. We will set up all the benefit scheme in our system. Your staff are to present the MHC card together with their NRIC/FIN at the panel clinics upon registration to enjoy a cashless visit within their entitlement.

    Invoicing to your company is once a month as per your utilisation.

    If you are an existing client, you can use the clinic locator function on our mobile applications to view the clinics available to you.

    HR may download the latest monthly clinic listing for Pre-Employment/Work Permit checkups via

    MHC does not have a designated list of X-ray centres. Upon confirmation that member is entitled to X-ray coverage, clinics are to send the patient to the nearest X-ray facility.

    System Login & Card Request

    You can use the userid and password issued to you to log in at

    Only authorised personnel are allowed to reset passwords. Please write to using your official HR email address for password reset.

    Matters at Clinic

    This could be due to the following reasons:

    • The employee benefit scheme has not started
    • Server may be down at time of use

    Please notify your HR if the problem persists.

    Amounts that are collected in cash from the patient fall outside of the system and will not be governed by corporate rates that had been preset in the system.

    Cash may be collected due to the following reason(s):

    1. Medication / Condition falls under Standard Exclusions eg. Aesthetics, Supplements etc
    2. Medication deemed not necessary for patient at point of visit eg. self-requested travel medication or standby / preventive purposes
    3. Company / Policy does not cover for surcharges
    4. Patients exceeded their entitlement eg. Cap per visit, Annual Limit
    5. Patient’s scheme has a co-payment factor

    MHC Clinic Network App

    For iPhone users, please download the App here.
    For Android users, please download the App here.

    You will need to use the Setup Assistant to complete your account details. After this is complete, you will be able to use all of the functions.

    Before dependants can use the eCard, the main holder of the eCard (employee) must have successfully activated his/her eCards first.

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