Digital Solutions

MHC’s innovative suite of digital healthcare platforms provide highly flexible solutions to best suit your needs.

Furthermore, our focus is always on ensuring data is secured and highly encrypted. With the deployment of both on-premise security and a multi-layered digital security infrastructure,

be assured that your medical data is safe with us.


Aimed at corporates, m-Plify is MHC’s flagship mobile application, integrating a multitude of features catering to all your healthcare needs. From finding and visiting panel clinics to submitting claims seamlessly, m-Plify does it all.


Our in-house telemedicine solution BetterHealth not only allows you to teleconsult a doctor at your convenience, our inbuilt mental wellbeing and nutrition services truly make BetterHealth the only healthcare companion you need.

HR Portal and Dashboard

Our in-house HR Hybrid portal and m-Insights dashboard are designed to eliminate hassles and streamline your workflow. Our platform also allows you to gain a bird’s eye view of your organizational health,

enabling you to quickly identify and target and potential problem areas.