Human resources leaders have been facing various challenges after challenges these past few years. This year is no different in terms of helping to shape the company.

Employee well-being remains among the top HR issues this year. After the major pandemic disruptions, companies begin to realise the need for customized employee health benefit plans to address individual employees’ requirements. Companies are offering better, more varied benefits, including telehealth, and expanding coverage to mental health services.

In these coming weeks, we will be bringing you a series of HR Challenges and how some of our clients have addressed them, in hope that it can also help you find a resolution.

HR Challenge #1: How do I manage growing healthcare costs?

This is a rising concern among companies and HR departments. There are many solutions around this such as tiered programmes, enhancing employee’s well-being, introducing tele-medicine, etc.

One solution that one of our MHC clients adopted was to look into a preventive care programme which included on-site health screening and an on-site health clinic. Other preventive care offerings can also be introduced such as wellness programmes, incentives for participation in health screenings or low-cost vaccination programmes that can help prevent acute illnesses.

Find out more about our MHC Programme today and how our extensive network of Panel Clinics can help you manage against today’s rising healthcare costs. With our comprehensive network credentialing process, rest assured that this cost containment comes along with appropriate care, striking the best balance between managing costs and providing comprehensive employee benefit coverage.

Find out more about our MHC Programme’s corporate health benefits can help your company today.

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