With our experienced team of healthcare professionals, MHC stands ready to cater to your healthcare needs- from Corporate health screenings from your workplace to your home, via teleconsultation or our onsite teams.

Executive Health Screenings At The Best Health Screening Center in Singapore

As the Best Health Screening Center in Singapore, MHC offers numerous Health Screening packages to help early screening and detection of diseases that will greatly help to prevent more serious conditions that develop later in life.

With locations around Singapore and state of the art facilities, we make sure that your employees are always in the best of hands.

Onsite Health Screening

Onsite Health Screening is an annual exercise where our MHC mobile teams will visit your office to provide health screening services to your employees.

Customized test packages typically include height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screening.

Other optional packages are also available, depending on your company’s requirements. We will be more than happy to customize according to your corporate needs.


Our in-house teleconsultation app is a powerful tool that allows you to video call a doctor anytime, anywhere, at your own convenience.

With a multitude of features, we can work with you to
co-create schemes best suited to your organization needs, such as the inclusion of mental wellness and nutrition services on top of the usual GP calls.