Health Connect – October Edition 

Cataracts refer to the opacification / clouding of the lenses in one’s eyes, thereby causing a multitude of visual problems.

The majority of cataracts are age-related, and the incidence of cataracts usually increases with age due to degeneration. However, cataracts can also occur due to prior insults such as ocular trauma, infections, inflammation, radiation, medication side-effects, comorbidities etc.

The symptoms of cataracts may vary widely and include blurring and distortion of vision, blindness, difficulties with night driving, glare issues and more. It is routinely diagnosed via eye examinations (e.g. fundoscopy, slit-lamp examination) by a healthcare provider.

The management of cataracts is dependent on several factors including one’s age, maturity of cataracts, comorbidities and more. Surgical intervention, whereby new lenses are inserted, is the mainstay of treatment. Do speak to your healthcare provider for further information regarding this.