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MHC adopts a non-profit organisation called GoDucate – an amalgamation of the words ‘Go’ and ‘Educate’ as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). GoDucate believes in helping Asians help themselves through education.

As the saying goes, ‘children’s are a gift from God’ — MHC believes strongly in this and that every child should be given the access and opportunity to receive education.

The various projects which MHC is now supporting include a children’s home in Cambodia, 27 kampong schools. MHC is also providing education to over 2,000 children in Sabah.

A Training Centre (occupying 15 ha of land) in the Philippines is set up to help poor farmers through livelihood projects and organic farming. Through GoDucate, MHC also gives out free musical instruments and lessons to needy children in the Philippines, many of whom have mothers working in Singapore as domestic servants.

More than 18 million children in Asia still have no access to education, and there is much work to be done at home and beyond the borders.


The MHC Bursary was introduced in September 2014 to provide financial assistance to students studying in NUS Business School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. MHC has since supported 3 undergraduates to see through their course of study.

MHC also started the MHC Dare to Dream awards for its clients’ and staff’s children to recognise their efforts in academic efforts.

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Corporate Social Responsibility