Ways to Enhance your Mental and Emotional Health

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April 27, 2012
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May 5, 2012

When we think of health, we generally only think of physical health and yet, emotional health is more important than physical health in many cases. There are things you can do to enhance both and to prolong your life due to better emotional and physical health.

Begin with aerobic activity—preferably light aerobic exercise. It can be as simple as walking three times per day for a half hour to 45 minutes at a time. You can add resistance training to this program for muscle strengthening and feeling better about yourself. You can do resistance training two to three times a week at the same time as aerobic exercise or alternate the two forms of exercise. The most research support has been in the area of light aerobic exercise. This kind of exercise can improve your mental processes such as multitasking and focusing on the task at hand. Memory is important as well and is improved with aerobic exercise. Some doctors believe that twice a week anaerobic exercise will add to the benefits of aerobic exercise.

Exercise seems to change brain chemicals that help you think better for many years to come. Doctors are trying to figure out exactly how and why exercise enhances physical health.

Being more productive at work helps your mental self esteem and makes you feel better about your job as an employee. Those who are more productive at work better manage their time better and have less absenteeism. Doing something like yoga or meditation also enhances the job market and you are a better employee on the job. These activities help improve your work function and help you be a better employee.

Stay focused in school. Those who partook in sports activities at school were able to focus better on other tasks, like math and reading. Just a little bit of exercise makes the difference when it comes to staying focused in school Treadmill students did better on tests than students that just rested.

Some research has shown that exercise might control ADHD without drugs. It seems to change the dopamine level in your brain, increasing concentration and improving behavior. Overall academic performance can be helped by exercise. Even so, there have been cuts in physical fitness classes and this is not a good thing when it comes to the rest of school performance. Increased physical fitness can improve childhood obesity so that children are leaner and work better at school.