Workplace Stress

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June 23, 2012
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June 26, 2012

Workplace stress is commonplace. In one study, 41 percent of workers feel stressed by the job. Exactly how employees deal with this stress can make the difference between continued productivity at work and ongoing lack of productivity at work. Workplace stress can cost a business a great amount of money.

Stress on the job costs industries in the US about $300 billion per year due to insurance claims, healthcare costs, accidents, lost productivity, and absenteeism. This exceeds the cost of all strikes in the country and the combined profits of the Fortune 100 corporations.

Symptoms of chronic workplace stress include GI problems, heart attacks, headaches, strokes, anxiety and depression. Stress basically negatively impacts the employee’s health. Morale goes down and people are unsatisfied with their job.

The top job stressor is having a low salary. People need enough to live on and when they don’t, they blame it on their job. Other stressors include lack of potential job growth, long hours, high work load and uncertainties in the workplace. Hostile co-workers, unsafe workplaces and mean bosses increase the stress at work as well.

You should first identify the workplace stressor and then you should learn to deal with it. Most stressful work environments can be managed or even completely fixed once you know what they are. You can then replace negative behavioral reactions like smoking or overeating and replace them with healthy activities like meditation or exercise. You need to be aware of when you’re stressed and react positively before the stress becomes overwhelming and you get symptoms of stress.

Think about talking to upper management or your boss about what stresses you, provided they aren’t the source of stressors. They may be able to work out a plan that reduces your stressors because they have more power to do so.

Take small breaks throughout the day, during lunch and at various times when you can get up and just take a short walk. Too many workers are working through their lunch period and are spending the entire day at their desk. This is unhealthy and only contributes to stress and the lack of exercise isn’t good for you.

Have a healthy lifestyle outside of the workplace. Eat well and get enough exercise during the off times at work and you’ll feel better about life itself. Have plenty of supportive friends and family members who understand how stressful it is on the job and who you can talk to.