Why People Don’t Exercise

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January 26, 2011
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January 31, 2011

Exercise is something that people can be addicted to, can do but resent or can skip all together. Some people really just don’t like to exercise and just don’t do it. There are many reasons why people don’t exercise, including being too busy. If people have busy schedules of work or school, they often feel they don’t have time to exercise. If you have kids or a hectic schedule, you need to find the time to fit in with at least twenty minutes of exercise every day. You can also do 30 minutes every other day.

If you have failed to have a positive exercise experience in the past, you may not feel too good about trying again. Sometimes it is just the type of exercise you did that turned you off exercising. With so many different choices of exercises to do, you can pick something else and see if you enjoy that more than your previous choice of exercise.

If you’re a true exercise hater, it can be because you have pain with exercise or just find it boring. You need to find the right exercise for you that is fun. You may need to switch from walking to swimming in order to decrease pain. Think about yoga as an exercise program if you are looking for something fun and fabulous.

If your budget gets in the way of exercise, such as not being able to afford a gym membership, you should consider cheaper ways to find a good form of exercise. Walking and bicycling are free (if you have the cycle) and you can do them at any time. Consider walking around the mall if the weather is poor or use inexpensive equipment in your own living room. Buy a pair of cheap dumbbells in order to work out with weights at home.

If exercise doesn’t yield obvious results, you may feel that exercise doesn’t seem to work. The truth is that all exercise will eventually work if you have the patience to see it through. See a trainer if you can’t find an exercise that entices you to go further and that actually works for you.

Some folks find that exercise is painful, either because of arthritis or a previous injury. You need to make sure you exercise safely and that you can find an exercise that doesn’t hurt. Consider doing warm up exercises and cool down exercises in order to prevent an injury or pain during exercise. You should talk to your doctor or to a trainer to find an exercise that works better for you without pain.